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I really need some help:
A few years ago, I met this girl. Her name is Jaycie Rae. We were both in bad places and stopped talking. I tried to reconnect and couldn’t find her. I gave up after over a year of searching. I figured it was life’s way of telling me to move on.
Recently, she commented on a YouTube video of mine. I’m not sure how she found me, but I replied and have yet to hear back. I noticed her photo was downloaded off tumblr, so I got the idea to post this here.
If anyone has any information, please contact me. I just want to know she’s doing okay and if given the chance, would like to speak to her again.
I have no idea how to use this site very well, but I’ll take any help I can get. Thank you so much.
I’ll respond quicker to KIK messages, add me: CanvasEyes
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Hair is finally growing out.
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While I was gone, I had fun with some hair dye.
+My Gender Transition
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Still working on myself.
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She’s very moody.
I Haven’t Died.

So, I’ve been away. Most of you probably haven’t noticed. I’ve taken some pretty rough turns lately and in all honesty, am finding that I don’t have many true friends. Well, anyways. If you’d like to contact me during my hiatus, my KIK is “asthetides”. More to come some day, I hope.

Anonymous said:

You havent been uploading pics of your progress...

I know. I’ve actually removed (or been inactive) from all of my networking sites. To put it bluntly (but not too personally), I’ve been having a very rough time with my personal life. I’ve been secluded and next to no one has personally came to talk to me since I’ve deactivated my pages. It’s frustrating. And somehow, I feel I’ve been physically regressing. I figured I’d take a break, get myself back in gear and then kick off when I’m ready. But if you’re interested in communicating, my KIK is “asthetides”. Just let me know who you are.

+Sometimes, I write music.

Something I wrote with a friend today. It’s been really great still being able to write music even though I’m on T. I was afraid I’d be unable to sing.